About Us - Where we've come from, Where we're going.

The Reason

After finding it hard to find a reputable name to get custom car decals, without having to sell off your spare car parts, Nicolas Macherel started his journey of creating the Coastal Cut Vinyl brand we have before us today.

Affordable Vinyl Decals using the highest quality materials, making custom stickers accessible to everyone, as well as the continually growing range of ready-to-order designs that are available on our website.



Starting off simply making custom stickers out of a shipping container, to now a massively popular car sticker haven for all enthusiasts. Coastal Cut Vinyl thrives to become the globally renown name for Car Decals and Stickers, and ensuring we keep our path aligned with every car enthusiast out there we regularly attend Car shows asking for suggestions and testing out our new designs!

We're continually looking at expanding our physical reach at events all over Australia and the World to share the love of cars and car culture, you can be sure to see us at a car show near you very soon!


Coastal Cut Vinyl by the numbers

  • 500+ Readily available designs in 20+ colours and many sizes.
  • 10000+ Decals sold globally.
  • 18 Countries, car enthusiasts are enjoying CCV decals
  • 3 Person team from production to packaging.
  • 1 Factory for all of our orders.


Our Factory Location


Coastal Cut Vinyl
Unit 40/20 Tathra Street,
West Gosford, NSW, 2250