Why is everyone still doing this?? - Hot Import Nights 2018 an event overview.

An amazing event yet again hosted by Hot Import Nights in Sydney at the end of 2018 boasting a variety of vehicles for everyone to enjoy.

From the classic JDM Scene Australia has come to love and adapt as their own, to crazy European and American muscle as well. I mean check out the variety below!

Overview of the back room

A hi-light from the event for myself must have been the secondary activities to the amazing lineup of cars there were on the day, that is the RC Drifting track setup for people to drift their micro models of their cars on, and of course the classic hip-hop dancing engulfing the entrance with a vibe. 

Dancing at the entrance

The one thing that really struck me though is that everyone still uses the old instagram logo on their decals?! Come on people the logo update was almost 3 years ago now, and it's seriously time to upgrade!

Old IG logo

To sum HIN18 up, a really great event! Everyone there was enjoying themselves and all shared the common love for cars, just geeking out about everything on show. (Especially the brand new McLaren Senna that McLaren Sydney provided for the the-lowdown.com 's amazing stand setup for the event!)

McLaren Senna at the-lowdown.com

We hope to see everyone there next year, and who knows we might have even more presence at these events to come!

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