Filming with @allsubaruallday 's WRX STI - Passion is everything

Sharing the love of cars over a platform such as instagram really captures the attention of thousands of people, particularly when the content is just so quality!

Lachlan Peters, the owner of @allsubaruallday instagram and facebook pages, has really shown what it's like to share his passion for cars, creating one of the fastest growing pages on the IG platform. He has jumped from around 50 000 to over 65 000 followers since the filming of the video and the writing of this post with his prize and joy Blobeye WRX STI! This personal passion of his can be transcribed from his page to his ride.

The stickers that were chosen for his car really represent the JDM scene, an expression of self, and a love of all things automotive.

The Initial D Fujiwara Tofu Shop Japanese characters, brought in the cult classic anime's Toyota AE86, whilst not overdoing it in terms of design the subtle touch to which most who aren't in the know will overlook does really look great and tie in many aspects of the JDM car culture.

The Classic "abused daily" sticker, from when he used to daily the car to work, and put a crack in his front lip, priceless.

Then of course the Customisable Instagram decals, Pick one of the fonts available and the 'new' instagram logo (check out our blog post about this at HIN2018) and I mean that clean finish on the window, who wouldn't want that!

The custom Gold STI Logos for the fog light covers and doors, were actually an addition we did to the car about 2 years ago. The gold, black and white look really brings the look of the car to its peak. anything custom like that we love doing as the end result is something to really enjoy

Finally all the other @allsubaruallday stickers and banners are available here so go check them out too!

Its through a passion such as instagram or one's car (or in Lachlan's case both) that you really get to express yourself, and this video is truly an expression of the shared passion between Coastal Cut Vinyl and AllSubaruAllDay. Celebrating the passion for the automotive culture, if you like the new Coastal Cut Vinyl logo, add one to your cart with your next purchase and it'll be free!

Check out the collection to get the stickers you saw in the video!




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